Antique Restorations

‏1892 Gordon Canoe Restoration

This rib-and-batten canoe was built near the turn of the 19th century in Lakefield, Ontario by the Thomas Gordon Canoe Company. The hull was in surprisingly good condition with all original wood. We chemically stripped the varnish off of the exterior and thoroughly power sanded it (a process that used an entire box of 50 sanding discs!). Epoxy repair work was also done on the exterior where some chips and cracks were showing and more sanding was done. We then stained the exterior and applied 4 coats of varnish to it. The gunwales and decks were also stripped and stained using special care to bring out the rich red in the mahogany decks. The interior was sanded and given 2 coats of varnish along with the thwarts and gunwales. Floor boards were rebuilt using white ash and stained and varnished to match the interior. 6 ft polished brass stem bands were installed at each end of the canoe. This laborious project was completed over the span of a month in February. Enjoy the photos! [foogallery id="877"]  

Lapstrake Rowboat (Bonnie Boats)

This rowboat was built in Jackson's Point on Lake Simcoe some time in the 1940s-50s at the boat factory that is now known as Bonnie Boats. It had some severe cracks in the hull and leaked pretty badly. Gunwales were falling apart and varnish was peeling inside and out. We began by stripping and refinishing the exterior repairing and sealing it with a good penetrating epoxy. The woodstain we used was minwax english chestnut. We sealed between each strake with black sikaflex and varnished over top. The interior was thoroughly scraped, sanded and stained with english chestnut. Seats were stripped and stained with a subtle red hue. New gunwales were also installed and decks were refinished and the whole boat was varnished. The process took us a little more than a month.Enjoy the gallery! [foogallery id="933"]