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Brian Cook, Owner Operator- Cook Craft Canoes

Brian Cook (Owner Operator)

Cook Craft Canoes, Muskoka

From fiberglass, kevlar, carbon fiber and wooden canoe repairs, to artisanal hand-crafted cedar canoes, Cook Craft is a trusted name in the canoe industry.  But what is the story behind the company?

“Having grown up in the area, I spent much of my childhood on the water, from canoe trips to boating at the family cottage to camping on Georgian Bay. I later moved to San Francisco to work on several biotech start up companies focused on stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Through that time, I always missed the beauty of Ontario’s freshwater lakes, a longing that eventually brought me home. My love for Algonquin park and all things nautical eventually led me to the decision to become a canoe builder. A number of years have now past and my experience and work ethic has helped me build a reputation for quality and fairness. I canoe regularly and take my wooden canoe on a 10 day trip every summer in Algonquin with the intent of eventually seeing the entire park. Special thanks to Jack Hurley for helping me to get to this point.”

-Brian Cook, Cook Craft Owner/Operator

Cook operates out of a shop previously owned by canoe craftsman Clarence Bouges. Bouges was a legendary pioneer of canoe building in the Algonquin area and one of Cook’s heroes.

Canoe need a tune-up?  Cook Craft offers a variety of solutions through its Canoe Repair Services

In the market for a new canoe?  Cook Craft offers a range of options for your next Custom Made Cedar Canoe.

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