Recent Work

Canoe Repair and Restoration

At Cook Craft, we offer a wide variety of canoe repair work from canvas canoe restoration to gunwale replacement to composite canoe repair. Here are a few of the projects we have documented.


Canvas Canoe Restoration

We restore and recanvas 30 or more cedar canvas canoes every year. That could include anything from ribs and planking replacement to new keels and gunwales to custom paint jobs and new seats and thwarts. [foogallery id="626"]


New Gunwales

If your gunwales have seen better days, we can replace them. From simple gunwales to scuppered, we have something for every canoe. Our gunwales are sealed on all sides with premium marine varnish. This greatly prevents future rot from taking place. [foogallery id="509"]  


Gunwale Repair

If your gunwales have rotting ends, they can sometimes be repaired rather than replaced. This is often a more affordable option. [foogallery id="470"]  


Fiberglass Canoe Restoration

This fiberglass canoe was built in the 70s by Cedarglass in Aurora, Ontario. It was in poor shape when it was brought to us (gel coat cracks, holes in the hull and rotten gunwales). We completely repaired the hull and refinished it with polyester/polyurethane 2 part paint, reapplied gel coat to the entire interior and installed kevlar skid plates. We also milled and installed a beautiful set of fully scuppered white ash gunwales and a new yoke. This was a canoe meant for the landfill, but brought back to prestine condition.   [foogallery id="440"]  


Clear Fiberglass Refinishing

If you have a fiberglassed wooden canoe that is in rough shape, we can refinish the exterior to make it look new again! [foogallery id="494"]   [foogallery id="493"]


Tremblay V-Stern Restoration

We repair all types of wooden canoes, including v-sterns and square sterns [foogallery id="487"]


Hull Repairs and Bottom Paint

This badly injured kevlar ultra light was patched up and painted with a rock hard bottom paint to give it a second life. [foogallery id="1014"]

We are happy to offer all of our clients free estimates on any canoe repair work. Contact Cook Craft today! (705)349-1509