Cook Craft Custom Canoes

Cook Craft has the skill, talent and attention to detail to make your canoe truly one of a kind. Browse our portfolio of custom canoes.  We will build you a unique canoe from one of our vintage molds.

The Cook Craft Process

Cook Craft builds custom canoes using local Canadian lumber.¬† First of all, we use hardwoods such as black cherry or white ash, mahogany, walnut and bird’s eye maple to create gunwales, stems, decks, seats and thwarts. Then we build the hulls using the finest white cedar in the world which comes from the Ottawa valley. In the process, white cedar ribs are first steam bent onto the mold, and planking is fastened to the ribs using premium oval head brass tacks.

Before canvasing, we varnish the hulls inside and out with premium Pettit marine varnish. This preserves the hull and prevents rot. We use a 100 year old linseed oil based filler recipe to fill the canvas. Finally, the exterior is sanded and painted using an alkyd enamel paint which will flex with the canvas to prevent cracking.

Interested in the whole process? Watch this video documenting the creation of one of our Cook Craft Custom Canoes:

Options for Custom Canoes

  • 15’6″¬†Chestnut Bob’s Special
  • 14′ Chestnut Playmate
  • 16′ Peterborough Huron
  • 13.5′ Clarence Bouges (for solo or day cruising) – from the video
  • 13.5′ Clarence Bouges Square Stern
  • 16′ Clarence Bouges Cruiser
  • 9′ Clarence Bouges (Clarence’s old trapping canoe)

Base prices range between 3500$ and 4000$ CAD, and a variety of customizations are available. We are always happy to talk about new projects and ideas. Give us a call at 705-349-1509 or email [email protected] to enquire.

Here are a few of our finished products.

Cook Craft Custom Canoes - Chestnut Bob's Special 15'6"

Cook Craft Custom Canoes - Peterborough Huron 16'6"

Cook Craft Custom Canoes - Clarence Bouges 13'6 Cook Craft Custom Canoes - Cedar Canvas Canoe Cook Craft Custom Canoes - Cedar Canvas