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Make the old new once again with skilled canoe restoration.

If you have an older canoe that has seen better days, there’s no need to get rid of it! Here at Cook Craft, I have the experience, skills and knowledge that you want when it comes to canoe restoration and am ready to make your canoe something very special, sea-worthy and water-tight once more. Over the years that I have owned Cook Craft, I have worked on a variety of canoe restoration projects and would love to help breathe new life into your well-loved wooden canoes.

Canoe Restoration in Muskoka, Ontario

I have several historical canoe restorations under my belt that anyone would be proud to own, including a 1940s Lapstrake Rowboat from Bonnie Boats and a fantastically classic 1892 wooden shiplap Gordon Canoe, as well as a century-old Peterborough rib and batten canoe. Special care and attention were given to each of these vessels in order to bring back their original beauty and make them safe and sturdy for generations of continued use. My attention to detail extends to safety as well as keeping these canoes historically accurate, which is something that sets me apart in canoe restoration, and something I am proud of when it comes to my business here at Cook Craft.

If you would like to experience the lakes of Muskoka the way that people in this area have enjoyed it for generations, then you should consider canoe restoration from Cook Craft. I would love to discuss your canoe refit with you in further detail. If you have questions, concerns or would like to discuss any of my other woodworking projects, please give me a call today.

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