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Revitalize and restore your vintage craft with my skilled classic boat restoration.

If you have an older classic boat, you might want to take it sailing someday, but don’t have the time or the skills to restore it. Here at Cook Craft, I can take your older boat and transform it into a sea-worthy vessel that you can sail away with and enjoy in Muskoka. With patience, quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, I can handle your classic boat restoration with the results that you’ve been looking for.

Here at Cook Craft, I have years of experience restoring older boats and canoes and would love to take a look at your classic boat restoration. I have restored canoes from the late 1890’s and have completed classic boat restorations on a 1966 Enterprise mahogany sailboat, a 50’s cedar lapstrake Ross rowboat and a 50s cedar lapstrake Bonnie boat. These are just a few examples of the classic boat restoration work that I can complete for you, and I would love to get to work on a prized craft of yours. As the owner of a 1964 Greavette Sunflash Mahogany runabout, I am someone who understands the amount of maintenance and upkeep these boats need.

greavette sunflash

I love working on older crafts and would love to help you with your own classic boat restoration. There is so much beauty and nature to see on the water here in Muskoka, and I would love to help you enjoy your favorite views from the deck of your own classic boat. To learn more about my skills, methods and abilities for your own classic boat restoration, please give me a call today.