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I’m here for you whether your canoe needs a full restoration or simple to moderate canoe repairs.

Sometimes a canoe sits for a long time, completely forgotten and left to suffer against the elements. With a full canoe restoration, it is possible to bring back most canoes, although some take a bit more time and attention than others. There are also situations where a canoe is used consistently and the wear and tear over time can result in needing canoe repairs.

Canoe Repairs in Muskoka, Ontario

Whether your canoe needs a full restoration or simple to moderate canoe repairs, turn to Cook Craft. I am passionate about canoes and have brought even some historic canoes and rowboats back to life, including a classic 1892 wooden shiplap Gorden Canoe, as well as several lapstrake rowboats, shiplap boats and numerous antique rib and batten Peterborough canoes.

I take pride in staying historically accurate whenever possible with canoe repairs and restorations because I know that, for many, a canoe is more than a watercraft. It is a piece of history.

If you have lived in the Muskoka, Ontario area for a while, you might remember Clarence Bouges. He spent more than 30 years as a legendary canoe craftsman. I am following in his footsteps, located in the same canoe shop he owned, and look forward to continuing his work in a way that would make him proud. My journey started with repairing his old canoe shop and I haven’t stopped since. At Cook Craft, we are primarily woodworkers. Often composite and kevlar require new gunnels, which we specialize in. We also can help with cosmetic repairs to composite and kevlar canoes. Reach out to me today for canoe repairs, a custom canoe, or the other things Clarence was also known for, including custom paddles, custom fiddles and lyres, snowshoes, and more.