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Handmade fiddles and lyres help bring you back to a simpler time.


There is something breathtaking about the natural beauty that can be coaxed from a piece of wood. Here at Cook Craft, I love creating and restoring all different kinds of things from the world around me, and one of my favorite materials is wood from Algonquin and the Ottawa Valley. While I primarily spend my time working on seacrafts such as canoes and classic boats, both in building and restoring, I also enjoy working with smaller projects like snowshoes, custom paddles, and of course, fiddles and lyres.

Fiddles and Lyres violin

Whether I am crafting canoes or fiddles and lyres, I always have a quality finished product in mind. I hand-select materials that are going to be sturdy, strong, and able to last for generations. For my instruments, I use quality hardwoods like white ash, mahogany and figured maple, and highly resonant softwoods like Ontario select spruce and cedar leading to quality that you can hear when you choose handcrafted fiddles and lyres from Cook Craft. Using some of the same methods that I use when crafting custom canoes, I create custom fiddles and lyres with a distinct character and beautiful sound.

bearlake schoolhouse violin cedar glass

If you are looking for a great way to appreciate my craftsmanship within the walls of your own home, then I would urge you to consider having me build you a fiddle or lyre. My lyres have a beautiful sound and are easy for anyone, regardless of experience, to enjoy playing. Each one is handcrafted with care and consideration. If you have questions about fiddles and lyres, would like to see some examples or are interested in a custom piece, I would like to talk more with you. To learn more, please get in touch with me today!