Oxtongue River Skiff, Muskoka

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I designed the Oxtongue River Skiff based on a centuries-old design.

Live the Canadian dream as you row down the expansive river networks here in Muskoka aboard an Oxtongue River Skiff. I designed the Oxtongue River Skiff based on the Whitehall boat, which is a traditional British rowboat featuring a design that is centuries old. This skiff has an incredibly maneuverable shape with the characteristic wine glass transom you would expect to see from a classic British rowboat.

wooden rowboat muskoka

Unlike the Whitehall boat, the Oxtongue River Skiff is much lighter and weighs less than 100 pounds (approximately a quarter of the weight of a Whitehall). This weight difference occurs because I use a North American cedar rib and plank design rather than the traditional lapstrake construction. With this lighter weight, you can easily move this river skiff over portages or even transport it on top of your car.

I designed this boat to do well on a windy lake, but it would be very easy to manage on narrow waterways like the Oxtongue River or any of the other rivers you can travel throughout Canada. Like the other canoes I design and build, the Oxtongue River Skiff boasts unparalleled craftsmanship and stunning design hard to find elsewhere in this area.

Wooden rowboat oxtongue river skiff

The price for one of these custom skiffs is $6,500 (+ tax). I am eager to start crafting an Oxtongue River Skiff to complete your adventures on the many stunning waterways we get to enjoy here in Canada. Contact me today to place your order and find out more about the beautiful boats I build.