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Composite canoes combine the best of all types of canoes.

When you visit a lovely place like Muskoka, you understand that the outdoors we have here are meant to be enjoyed– and enjoyed often! Here at Cook Craft, I am passionate about helping people see the outdoors on their own personal watercraft, usually canoes or small watercraft. I have made it my business to restore, revitalize and create canoes that I am proud to see on the waters. Though my specialty is wooden canoes, I do often work on composite canoes as well.

Carbon Fiber Canoes in Muskoka, Ontario

Composite canoes are built from Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass or any combination of these, and they are laminated using epoxy or polyester resin. They are manufactured on a large scale, and a single canoe can be produced in the span of a day. At Cook Craft, as a traditionalist, I do not build composite canoes, but I am always happy to repair them for you. At Cook Craft, we are primarily woodworkers. Often composite and kevlar require new gunnels, which we specialize in. We also can help with cosmetic repairs to composite and kevlar canoes.

If you have questions about composite canoes, I would like to help. To learn more about my skilled and practiced services, please give me a call today.