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Sturdy and strong, Kevlar canoes are a modern equivalent of a classic canoe.

When you want to get out on a lake or river, there are any number of ways that you can choose to take to the water! Here at Cook Craft, I have been building, restoring and revitalizing watercraft for quite some time now, and have seen a wide variety of people who prefer the quiet and enjoyable methods of canoes of all different types, shapes and sizes. While I enjoy the craftsmanship and natural beauty of a good, old-fashioned wooden canoe or boat, I understand that there are some benefits to Kevlar canoes and am more than ready to help you with your Kevlar canoe repairs or restoration.


Kevlar canoes are made from a specialized form of plastic that has a tensile strength stronger than steel. Light, strong, and highly durable, people love Kevlar canoes for their ability to glide through a calm lake as well as journey down a river that has a few rapids. Even the strongest of Kevlar canoes might come into disrepair if left to neglect or when encountering jagged rocks, and that is where my skills come in! At Cook Craft, we are primarily woodworkers. Often composite and kevlar require new gunnels, which we specialize in. We also can help with cosmetic repairs to composite and kevlar canoes.

I have been helping people in Muskoka repair and revitalize all types of canoes, including Kevlar canoes, for quite some time now and am more than equipped to help you with your needs as well. If you have a canoe that you would like restored to its former glory, I would love the chance to help you. Everyone deserves to enjoy their day on the lake– so give me a call today, and let’s get started on the restoration of your Kevlar canoe today.